While browsing climbinghouse.gr website, users may need to enter certain information of a personal nature such as: their first and last name; telephone number, e-mail address, etc. Visitors may also be requested to provide their personal data in order to access certain other climbinghouse.gr services.

climbinghouse.gr steadfastly adheres to Greek Legislation regarding Maintenance of Personal Data Files. The data declared in the cases mentioned above will not be revealed to third parties and in no way will they be made public or constitute an object of exploitation. To the degree that is deemed necessary, the data will be used only for:

  • fulfillment of the terms and obligation of the individual services provided by climbing house Stefanos Gerakios to its customers, users of climbinghouse.gr
  • provision of information updates to users
  • selection of the content available to users so that it may be pertinent to their general preferences
  • fulfillment of user demands as those arise regarding the services of climbinghouse.gr
  • updates regarding new services
  • upkeep of the seamless operation of climbinghouse.gr
  • communication of climbing house Stefanos Gerakios with visitors to climbinghouse.gr

The following are the exceptional circumstances under which climbinghouse.gr has the right to release user personal data:

  • when it has the users’ explicit consent to make their personal data public in any manner
  • when personal data is released to third parties, natural or legal, with which climbing house Stefanos Gerakios collaborates and only to the extent that is necessary to provide climbinghouse.gr’s individual services
  • when release of personal data is requested by the law, a court decision, or any other state or regulatory authority
  • for correction and/or deletion of said personal data

climbinghouse.gr gives its users the opportunity to request that any of their personal data and information be deleted by sending the relevant e-mail.

IP addresses

An IP address is determined by the Internet Service Provider through which the user’s computer accesses the Internet and, subsequently, the pages belonging to climbinghouse.gr. For technical and security reasons pertinent to the systems of climbinghouse.gr (server, database, network, etc), IP addresses are retained and used exclusively for statistical data gathering.

User IP addresses accessing climbinghouse.gr ’s pages may be released provided the request for said release comes from the competent police, judicial or other state authorities and in compliance with the procedure stipulated by Law.


climbinghouse.gr does not make use of cookies. If, in future, cookie use is deemed necessary, such use will take place without prior notification. However, it will be announced on the present page.

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