Get to Kalymnos from Athens

From Athens airport to Kalymnos

The fastest way to get to Kalymnos is by airplane, with a 45 minutes flight with Sky Express. Kalymnos airport IATA Code is JKL. Check the following link for flight schedules… Sky Express

From Peiraeus port to Kalymnos island by boat

An exciting and authentic Greek way to travel. Travel directly and cheaper. All ships are comfortable and have enough free space for everyone. The cabins are available for up to 4 people. The journey takes approximately 10 – 12 hours. Check for schedules… From Piraeus Port to Kalymnos

Climbing on Kalymnos

Kalymnos is one of the most popular climbing destinations worldwide. It all started when a couple of famous Italian climbers visited the island and saw the huge potential it had in terms of climbing.

The variety of 550 routes, offers infinite possibilities for sport climbing with unique technical movements for high thrills and new experiences. The degrees of difficulty start with educational routes from 4c and reach up 9c for the very experienced. Take your family, your friends, regardless of age and sample a wonderful experience.

Furthermore, the first closed climbing circuit is in operation since 2010, responsible for the education of Kalymnian climbers, the maintenance of climbing routes and their renewal. The island’s climate is ideal for the sport throughout the year (from March to end of October), several shady routes and a little rain.

Get to Kalymnos through Kos island

From Europe to Kos island

You can fly to Kos airport with cheap flights and then use the small ferries from Mastihari to reach Kalymnos. For more details about flights you can visit the following websites… RyanairThomas Cook AirlinesEasyjet

From Athens to Kos island

The flight to Kos (IATA Code: KGS) lasts 35 – 40 minutes from Athens airport. When arriving to Kos gο to Mastichari port, just a few kilometers from the airport, and then take the ferry to Kalymnos. The trip with the boats “Kalymnos Star”, “Kalymnos Dolphin” and “Ilias T” to Kalymnos takes about 15 – 20 minutes. The trip with the boat “Olympios Zeus” to Kalymnos takes about 45 – 50 minutes. For detailed itineraries please check the following links… From Athens Airport to Kos with Olympic AirlinesFrom Athens Airport to Kos with Aegean AirlinesFrom Mastichari Port to Kalymnos with “Kalymnos Star”, “Kalymnos Dolphin” and “Ilias T”From Mastichari Port to Kalymnos with “Olympios Zeus”

Diving in Kalymnos

When visiting Kalymnos you should definitely experience scuba diving. Thanks to the long tradition in diving and in the sponge related activities, the Kalymnians are experts in sea diving and they will gladly share their secrets with you. It is no coincidence that the first state diving school was established on Kalymnos island.

Here, you will find the largest, 12 kilometers long, released coastline area in Greece, in order to practice scuba diving. Although banned across almost the whole country for the protection of archaeological treasures, scuba diving is an activity that you can enjoy on Kalymnos, either under the guidance of a diving centre instructor or by yourself, if you have the proper knowledge and equipment. The underwater environment is really rich, and in addition to a lot of marine species that you will encounter, you are going to find remnants of ancient and most modern shipwrecks.

Get to Kalymnos through Rhodes island

From Rhodes island to Kalymnos island

From the island of Rhodes you can choose between the Ferry or a smaller and faster boat to Kalymnos. The trip takes 3 to 5 hours. Check the following link…  From Rhodes Island to Kalymnos with Catamaran

Get ready...

Get ready and start exploring Kalymnos. A great place to be, a great place to spend your vacation. Just a great place.